Welcome to the Guided Learning Studio!

The Guided Learning Studio is a home-based learning studio located in the Ahwatukee neighborhood of Phoenix. We are committed to providing engaging learning experiences based on a learner’s needs and interests. The studio was founded by Maria Arana in 2018. Meet Maria Maria is an accomplished educator who brings a wealth of academic excellence, teachingContinue reading Welcome to the Guided Learning Studio!

Making Decisions about High School

A few weeks ago the parents of middle school students began receiving information about high school information nights and enrollment dates. We found ourselves listening to information about academics, athletics, extracurricular activities and college requirements. Yet, it feels like just a couple years ago, I was making friends with the other kindergarten parents and schedulingContinue reading Making Decisions about High School

Acceleration and Enrichment for Advanced Learners

     Over the last several years, I have been interested in learning about the instructional and schooling needs of advanced learners.  In my coursework in gifted education, the idea that most stood out for me is that learning should be based on a child’s or teen’s area of interest.    As parents and educatorsContinue reading Acceleration and Enrichment for Advanced Learners