Hi, My name is Maria. I am a mom to three wonderful kiddos, ages 13, 11, and 7.  My family and I live in Phoenix, Arizona.  We love the beauty of the desert southwest.

I am a former bilingual primary teacher and elementary mathematics coach.  I worked in schools in Houston,  Boston, and Phoenix.  While working for Boston Public Schools, I had the opportunity to complete a M.Ed. in Learning and Teaching at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I recently finished a M.Ed. in Gifted Education at Arizona State University.  For the last 10 years I have focused on encouraging and supporting my children’s interests and passions.  We have a creative learning space in our home where we spend time together making messes and exploring materials.

I believe the learning environment is as important as what and how we teach.  Given the space and time to pursue their interest, children learn naturally.  The learning environment can encourage imagination, creativity, and independence or it can stifle growth.  We have the ability to create a learning space and atmosphere in our home that allows children to pursue their interests.

In 2018 I launched the website, Guided Learning Blog, to share my ideas for encouraging interest-based learning in the home. I founded Guided Learning LLC to support the learning needs and interests of students in the local community.

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