Free Printables

I created the resources below to use with learners I tutor and with my own children.  Most of my resources are made to be laminated or placed in a sheet protector for multiple uses and are not like typical worksheets.  

If you are looking for something specific, please visit the Teachers Pay Teachers website.  There are many talented teachers who make resources for specific subjects, concepts, skills and ages.

Fairy Poppins and The Printable Princess create lovely resources for young learners and they offer many freebies on their sites as well. I have used their products often.

Terms of Use

You are permitted to use these resources in your home or classroom. Please direct others interested in these resources to my website so they can have their own copies. If you show samples or photographs of my resources in use on your blog or social media account please provide a link to my website and/or tag me on Instagram @guidedlearning.

Thank you.


I made these printables using google slides, images from , digital paper from Print Candee, and clip art from Whimsy Clips, My Cute Graphics and RebeccaB Designs  Thank you to the photographers and graphic artists who make their work available.

Print Candy Logo
MyCute Graphics
Credit for RebeccaB Designs


A learner uses the “Read, Build and Write” mat with different alphabets.
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Read, Build, and Write

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What to Say to Support Early Readers

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Digraph Word Lists


Math Game
Roll and Add 10 Mat. Roll two dice. Add the total number of dots and record. Add 10 to the sum for a grand total.  In the example above we rolled 3 dice.
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Roll and Add

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Math Observation Sheet

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Math Facts Mat

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Part-Whole Mat

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Roll and Add 10

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Place Value Mat

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Mini-Eraser Math