The following is a list of websites and books that I have found informative and inspiring when thinking about the learning environment at home or in the school setting.  I hope to grow this list over time.  The list contains affiliate links.  I am only listing books I have read and recommend.


Inquiry-Based Learning

The Hundred Languages of Children
Foreword by Howard Gardner

I first learned about Reggio Emilia schools way back in the late 90’s when I took an early childhood education class.  This book is a must for educators.  Although it is quite wordy, the book provides an explanation of Reggio schools, the importance of listening to children and how the learning environment should support and inspire young learners.


Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Homeschooling


An excellent guide for parents wishing to implement project-based learning at home.


The Unschooled Mind

An excellent description of learning theory, understanding schools, and the importance of education for understanding.


Gifted Education Resources

The National Association for Gifted Children

Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted (SENG)

Books About Gifted Learners


This is a wonderful book that discusses a wide variety of issues about gifted learners.  It is a handy resources for parents and will help understand and advocate for your child.

I have three advanced readers.  This book helped me understand my children’s reading habits and ways to guide their reading and discuss books with them.  It also contains an extensive annotated bibliography of more than 300 books.  This book helped me find age appropriate challenging books for my three children.

The authors share their insights and research about modern gifted women and girls.  Wonderful information and advice on giftedness, achievement, and more.


I used both of these books during my Master’s of Education in gifted education program.  I found both very helpful in providing practical techniques and examples of how to adapt curriculum for gifted learners.  They would be helpful to homeschoolers as well.  These are a wonderful resource for those working with gifted students.