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Four Invitations to Learn About Shapes

When kids learn about geometry in Kindergarten through second-grade they love to use materials to explore shapes. In the early grades children learn geometric vocabulary by observing, examining, and discussing shapes and their attributes. In this post, I am sharing four activities that invite children to work with shapes in different ways. These are fun,… Continue reading Four Invitations to Learn About Shapes

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5 Things to Do During Spring Break With Your Kids

In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks."John muir Arizona wild flowers at South Mountain Park and Preserve When the kids are on breaks, it can be a challenge to getting out of the house in the mornings. My kids enjoy having lazy mornings and full pajama days during their breaks from… Continue reading 5 Things to Do During Spring Break With Your Kids

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Visual Thinking in the Arts and Mathematics

Last summer I hosted an art and math class for middle school girls. I was inspired by the work of Jo Boaler, Lang Chen, Cathy Williams & Montserrat Cordero in their paper Seeing as Understanding the Importance of Visual Mathematics for our Brain and Learning. In the paper they present evidence from brain research to… Continue reading Visual Thinking in the Arts and Mathematics

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Learning About Mythology

When I think about mythology, the first thing that comes to mind is Greek mythology. My kids and the children I work with enjoy reading Greek myths and learning about the various creatures. Recent popular movies, like Marvel's Thor, peaked my teen son's interest in Norse Mythology which led him to read Neil Gaiman's Norse… Continue reading Learning About Mythology

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Enchanted Learning

"If parents and teachers take a child's interests seriously, opportunities to create meaningful connections to all kinds of subjects erupt into view" - Julie Bogart The Brave Learner: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning and Life I recently began reading Julie Bogart's, The Brave Learner: Finding Everyday Magic in Homeschool, Learning and Life. The book… Continue reading Enchanted Learning

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Making Decisions about High School

A few weeks ago the parents of middle school students began receiving information about high school information nights and enrollment dates. We found ourselves listening to information about academics, athletics, extracurricular activities and college requirements. Yet, it feels like just a couple years ago, I was making friends with the other kindergarten parents and scheduling… Continue reading Making Decisions about High School

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Learning to Read: Word Study

Learning to read often occurs around the age of six and continues to develop through childhood and into adolescence. Some young children learn to read before they are six-years-old and some children learn closer to eight-years-old. Learning to read is a lot like learning to walk, some children are early walkers and some walk closer… Continue reading Learning to Read: Word Study

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Learning about Place Value

Children begin to learn about place value from the time they are very young and they continue to make sense of our base ten number system through middle school. They use what they understand about numbers and place value to solve math problems. Young children will count by 1's to solve simple addition and subtraction… Continue reading Learning about Place Value

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The Guided Learning Studio

Happy 2019!  I am excited to start the new year with ideas about the kinds of learning and teaching happening in my home. I started this blog just about a year ago as a way to share the ways I encourage my kids' interests. At the time, I was also supporting the learning needs of… Continue reading The Guided Learning Studio