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Four Invitations to Learn About Shapes

When kids learn about geometry in Kindergarten through second-grade they love to use materials to explore shapes. In the early grades children learn geometric vocabulary by observing, examining, and discussing shapes and their attributes. In this post, I am sharing four activities that invite children to work with shapes in different ways. These are fun,… Continue reading Four Invitations to Learn About Shapes

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Building Number Sense

     Hello!  This is just a quick blog post about helping your child build number sense.  People who have number sense can use numbers flexibly.  They rely on their understanding of numbers and quantities to solve computation problems.  Children can strengthen their number sense by engaging in fun games and activities that provide the opportunity… Continue reading Building Number Sense

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Multi-Sensory Learning at Home

When I think about the ways kids learn and the way an environment can support learning, I am reminded about the importance of providing kids with materials that can help them visualize a concept or an idea they are working on.  Many of us are visual learners and creating a visual to represent a concept… Continue reading Multi-Sensory Learning at Home