Exploring Shapes and Making Connections

This summer we will be spending almost three weeks in Europe.  We are starting our trip in the Swiss Alps then spending time in Florence, Paris and finally Ireland. (Where we get to visit friends we miss greatly.)  I hope to prepare the kids for the art and architecture they will encounter on the trip.

This week we will explore making geometric shapes using a compass, straight edge, and pencils with the kids.  I am inspired by Waldorf math lessons that make use of these tools then use colored pencils to highlight the shapes and curves that are created.


I started reading our resources for our math exploration and looking into museum visits in Florence, I noticed the connection between our geometric drawings and the art and architecture we’ll be seeing.  My goal for this week is to explore number and shape through geometric drawings to give the kids the experience of making these shapes on their own before making the connections to the famous paintings and buildings we’ll be seeing on our trip.

I am still thinking about the best ways to prepare them for our trip without overwhelming them with information or boring them with concepts they have no interest in.  My goal is to provide activities, books, and videos that will spark an interest in the places we will visit.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Materials List

For our math exploration this week we will be using:

  • Compass
  • Triangle straight edge
  • Rulers
  • Practice paper 
  • Watercolor paper
  • Colored Pencils
  • Watercolor pencils
  • Watercolors
My grandfather’s vintage compass set.
Math Resources

I will also be looking at the Waldorf resources Pepper and Pine shares on her blog.  I am so thankful for the community of education bloggers and home educators who share their ideas, lessons, and experiences.  They are a source of constant ideas and inspiration.

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  1. Sound like a great trip, I look forward to reading all about it

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