Summer Days and Learning at Home

When school gets out, the kids and I spend the first week or two of summer vacation unscheduled.  There are no camps, classes, or planned activities for the day.  We hardly even leave the house during the day.

I need these couple weeks to slow down and recharge as well.  It is during these slow days that my sewing machine comes out again.  The kids find books and games to play.  We find a new rhythm to our days without the rush of school days.  It is a more relaxed way of living.  Even our pups get longer walks these days.

The only scheduled activity the kids have is in the evening when they go to track and field practice.  They love being part of the Phoenix Flyers Track Club.  Their interest in running or field events comes from within.


This summer, unlike others, we are taking a trip to Europe.  In the spring, the kids and I started discussing the countries we are traveling to, the sites, and art that we will be seeing.  I have been gathering resources to prepare them for our trip, the next couple weeks we will be studying art and researching sites of interest.

Children’s Art Books for Art Appreciation

This weekend, I will plan our art appreciation afternoons and gather our resources.  Each child will research a city and decide on some places to visit.  I would also like each of the kids to have at least one art piece they want to see at the museums we are visiting.  My aim is build excitement and interest in our trip not bore them with art history lectures so we spend time drawing and painting as well as visiting local museums.

Learning to look at art and art history books.

In my next post, I will write about our art explorations and research.

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