Galaxy Art

The enthusiasm for space continues!  Yesterday, the kids looked at photos of galaxies and stars in books and online.  My 11-year-old and 6-year-old each used different materials to make a picture of a galaxy.


My daughter experimented with Maya Mists spray paints (from a crafty friend) and some acrylic paint to make her image. (We have a small spray paint box to keep the mess contained when using the sprays.)

fullsizeoutput_1f70My six-year-old used a crayon and colored pencils to make his image but couldn’t find the right white pen, marker, or crayon to make his stars. This morning I searched for more ideas about making art related to space to find a way to encourage their art making.

I found a beautiful watercolor and salt tutorial from Neesha Merani at  I set up an invitation for them to continue making images of galaxies based on Neesha’s tutorial for making galaxy monograms.

I am really thankful for all the creative artists, makers, and entrepreneurs who make their work and skills available.   I left my daughter’s materials out for her to continue making her galaxy art from yesterday and I prepared a spot for them to use watercolors and salt for the galaxy monogram I found at



I hope they learn some techniques for using watercolors, salt, and acrylic paint they can use to make future work.  I will post their finished galaxy monograms on Instagram.

This activity took some effort to put together but I plan to leave the materials available so they can follow-up on new ideas.  I hope to carve out sometime to make my own galaxy painting.

January 26th, 2018 Photo Update

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