Early Mornings

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Last week, the kids’ bedtime came and went one evening.  Suddenly they were interested in math.  My 11-year-old decided it was a good time to start pre-algebra and my 6-year-old thought doing some multiplication was a good idea.  I let them work for a awhile before sending them to bed.  I thought this had to be a ploy to stay to up.  They know me well enough to know that I would never say no to learning math, my favorite subject.


The next morning at 6:30 am I was woken up by a very alert 6-year-old wanting to continue doing math!  Every day last week he woke me up to do math with him.  Surprisingly, he worked for forty-five minutes each morning.  I think he enjoyed the individual attention and the quiet of the early morning. My daughter joined us one morning as well.

 I found our Challenge Math books that I bought at the NAGC National Convention a couple years ago.  All three kids showed interest in the books.  They are simple to work through and provide varying levels of challenge for primary through middle school students. B0F4589A-CD38-4B0A-AE8F-14F0D55EA2B9

This week, my sweet 6-year-old is obsessed with Roald Dahl books.  My husband bought him a collection over the weekend.  This week, my 6:30 am wake up continues, no longer to do math, but to read aloud Roald Dahl books.  IMG_3774 It was tough to wake up this morning, but I couldn’t say no to his smiling face, full of excitement.  I enjoy every single minute of cuddling together in bed while we read.  Tomorrow at 6:30 am, I have an appointment to read the next Roald Dahl book.  Next week, we might be reading about space again, or maybe dinosaurs.  Whatever it may be I will cherish his excitement and delight because I know our early mornings together are temporary.

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Maria Arana

Hi, I am Maria, a mom to three wonderful kiddos. My family and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. We love the beauty of the desert southwest. I am a former primary teacher and elementary math coach. I love to encourage my children to follow their interests and passions. At Guided Learning Studio, I offer private personalized lessons and enrichment classes. Tutoring services are best for families seeking long-term educational support over a semester or school-year.

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