Spending Time Together

The last couple of weekends have been a little busy for our family.  Saturdays seem to belong to the kids’ sport meets, games, or practice.  We feel worn out when the weekends are busy and don’t include time to refresh or relax. During busy weekends, itIMG_3854 feels extra important to find ways to connect and spend time together.

We often spend time watching a favorite movie together all cozy on the couch.  Family movie nights are our favorite way to relax together after a hectic day.  My husband and I also try to spend time together with each child when we can.  This Saturday, my daughter and I spent 3 hours outside watercoloring while taking an online watercolor class through Skillshare.  Neesha Merani at the Paperwand created a lovely and easy Flora and Fauna watercolor class.


My daughter and I had a wonderful time building our watercolor skills and having time to talk and bond.  It is fun to share an interest with my girl, to learn together and to connect, especially during busy times.  We both felt refreshed after spending our Saturday afternoon together.

Watercolor Wreath
My sweet girl gave me this on Saturday evening.

The boys had a nice time at the park, the popsicle shop and at Costco with their dad.  Next Saturday, the kids have a track meet and my husband and I have an evening out planned.  You can bet that Sunday will be a pajama and movie day.

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